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Mr. SaaS (aka Joe Rice)

Maximizing the value of partnerships for modern SaaS companies


Why Partnerships?

Partnerships are the most underutilized growth lever in SaaS today and can have a positive impact on everything from win rates, to deal sizes to customer retention. And by amplifying your sales and marketing teams, partners increase lead flow, improve efficiency, and lower customer acquisition costs. Most importantly, partnerships improve customer success.

In a world where buyers increasingly rely on trusted advisors for recommendations and advice, leveraging your partner ecosystem has never been more important. However, many SaaS businesses fail to allocate sufficient time and resources to build this crucial go-to-market channel. This is where I can help.


With over a decade of experience in partnerships, I have helped many early and growth-stage SaaS businesses launch or revitalize their partnership programs. Whether on a project or part-time basis, I can ensure that your partner program adds value to your business within three months.



Establishing if partnerships are right for your business


Identifying the right partner strategy and the right partners


Crafting your partner pitch and value proposition


Partner onboarding and enablement


Developing the right metrics to measure the right things


Placement in cloud marketplaces


Embedding the right co-selling motions


Partner program operations and technology integration

My Thinking

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About Me

My 20-year career in technology has included several stops. From the plumbing of the internet (Cisco) to a couple of seed and early-stage SaaS startups (Conversocial & Dwinq) to a social media platform (Twitter), I've worked in both big and small tech and witnessed numerous trends along the way including mobile, social and AI to name a few. I even remember the dot com bust! I was most recently a member of Twitter's Developer Platform team (a $400 million ARR SaaS business) where I helped developers leverage Twitter APIs and data to build new B2B solutions.


A native of Indiana, USA, a one-year contract in Dublin, Ireland brought me to Europe and 20+ years later I'm still here! I've called London home for the past 15 years where I live with my wife and daughter.   

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